In August 2010, the founders of set out to create an ad-free, virtual world John and Sandra Joyce created Savvybear in August 2010 when they realized there was a lack of online educational games that were completely safe for their three children.

Savvybear was built with the simple principle that children should be able to play online in safe and educational world, which is fun to play. The three core elements that are at the heart of Savvybear are Safety, Education and Fun.

Savvybear allows children to choose a bear avatar, dress and style it, purchase pets and explore the exciting world of Savvybear with other online players. The Savvy School were children can take classes in English, Maths, Irish, History, Geography and Science is a core element to the game which enables children to learn and earn in-game coins whiles having fun.

After months of consultation, research and testing with children, schools and teachers, was released to the public in January 2011. Thanks to great reviews from players and parents, word quickly spread. Savvybear gained national recognition across Ireland when John appeared on The Dragons Den (a TV show for entrepreneurs) and received the largest financial investment in the history of the show from Norah Casey.

Savvybear is recognized for its commitment to children's safety by Beatbullying, the UK's largest bullying prevention charity. John and Sandra are consistently improving and dreaming up new and exciting features for Savvybear. If you have any suggestions or comments we would love to hear from you. Please write to us at