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The people from came to our school asking if we would be interested in trialing the new piece of software they were producing and in the myriad of things that happen in a school I wasn't sure we could give it the time that it would take to get a good look at it. As it transpired the both myself and the staff here are very glad we did.
During November representatives from Seoige Technology called to the school along with a film crew from TV3 to give the pupils here a chance to experience the software and for their opinions to be recorded and broadcast to the nation. The pupils from Rang 1 - Rang 6 tried it out and loved it. The buzz of excitement from the pupils as they travelled the Savvybear World was marvelous to see. The game is advert free, great fun and as the 'chat' feature available in the software is from a select set of phrases it is totally safe. The chat is also available 'as Gaeilge' and as this is a Gaelscoil this was an added bonus for us! Since then other chat languages have been added and the real beauty of the chat is that the sentence chosen to communicate appears in whatever language the user has logged in through - so even if I write as Gaeilge an English speaking user will see that sentence as Bearla and vice versa.
There is also a school in the world of Savvybear where pupils can go and practice their Gaeilge, English and Math's where they can earn points to be spent elsewhere in Savvybear world and this is something the pupils really enjoyed and it spurred them on to spend more time in the school. We demonstrated Savvybear on an interactive whiteboard here which added immensely to the overall experience.
The pupils here really couldn't get enough of Savvybear and for weeks afterwards we were regaled with the happenings of the pupils in the world of Savvybear from their computers at home. Overall we are delighted to have been part of the Savvybear experience.

Tadhg O Tuachaigh,
Priomhoide - Gaelscoil Thulach na nOg

As an Occupational Therapist, I am always looking for new activities online to keep children interested. I had heard about the new Savvy Bear website and tried it out with my grandchild (aged 7). She and I spent what we thought would be a few minutes on “Savvy Bear” and ended up on the website for over an hour. What a child’s paradise! Savvy Bear is a safe, secure website.

It’s full of shops, schools and community areas that are part of everyday living. There are new friends to make and many shops to explore. We took a tour around the site and our own little ‘teddy’ was happy to go anywhere we pointed her. Our favourite shops are the furniture shop (hers) and the hair salon and beauty parlour (mine) and yes, I tried on the wigs and the make up! We went to school, where she worked really hard at maths, getting 15 extra coins to spend! Cooooool, as my grandchild would say!

It’s easy to join, its well under parental control, has tons of activities and is easy to use. I would definitely recommend it for children of all abilities. Savvy Bear promotes good motor and mouse control, the avatar teddy is directed wherever the child chooses and the games promote good computer literacy. All of these skills are becoming more important as children of all abilities embrace new technology. Well done Savvy Bear!

Ailish Kavanagh,
H. Dip. LDS (UCD),
M.Sc. Dev. Dis. (UCD) was demonstrated to my school during November 2010.
We have 530 students.
The children enjoyed all of the game.
The game is great fun, ad free and totally safe.
The game also can be used as an educational aid due to the fact that a
school is part of the game.
In the school the children can learn Irish, English, and Maths.
The game also has an option to log on in Irish or English.
If the user logs on in English and uses the chat function automatically the Irish
interpretation appears in the corner of the screen.
The game was demonstrated on the interactive white board and the children
love to use the board for fun and to learn.
The educational part of the game is completely free.

Liam O Laighin,
Dunboyne Senior Primary School, Dunboyne, Co. Meath, Ireland.

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